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The Generator Beamer

The Generator Beamer

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TheGenerator Beamer is a very powerful device!

One of itsprimary uses is to increase the flow of energy though the physicalbody. Energy flow through themeridians creates an electrical field which is called the “aura”.As energy flow (chi) increases, the aura becomes larger. Energy flowthrough the meridians determines the health of the organs and bodysystems. This meridian flow can be measured in a variety of wayssuch as electro-dermal screening systems, kirlian photography,biofeedback equipment and dowsing. Acupuncture has been acknowledged for over 5000 years as a way to open these energetic pathways..Touch for Health and other Western modalities have more recentlyfocused upon opening the flow of energy in the physical body. Now,by just sitting or sleeping in the field of the Generator Beamer,the flow can be improved in all your meridians simultaneously.

HowDoes the Generator Beamer Work?

Severalsubtle energy modalities have been combined to synergisticallycreate the Generator Beamer. These modalities are sacred geometry,orgone layering of precious metals, powerful symbols, and noblegases. The top Beamer contains only pure Xenon gas, the most rare ofthe noble gases. Xenon is known to be a powerful aid to restore theenergetic blueprint (aura) of the physical body. Seven representsspirit. The power of seven has been multiplied in the Generator byusing seven “7 inch” pyramids, seven Beamers ( 4 of which are 7inch), and sevenprecious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and rhodium. Thismultiplication of 7 enables a better connection to spirit.


Enhancethe energy ofthe space you are in. The Generator emits a highly resonant fieldthat is sufficient to uplift the energies of a home or a workplace.Aim the base of the generator towards you. Many people report thatthey feel calmer, more balanced and energized, while in a room inwhich the Generator is located.

Chargeyour food and beverage with theenergy of the Generator before consuming them. This is accomplishedby holding the Generator with the 4 bottom Beamers approximately afoot away from the substance to be "beamed". This placesthe highly resonant energy into the food. Tests show that 'beamed"food is more balancing to the body. (see our sheet on "Food andNutrition").

Beamyour nutritional products and supplementsto enhance their potency and to make them more balancing andassimilable to your body. Often, less dosage is required for the sameeffect. Muscle test before and after "beaming" forverification. These supplements can then be placed in the upperchamber of the Generator (above the bottom four Beamers) to be'beamed" into your food. Since the Generator is a transducer ofenergy, the energy of the supplement will now be in your food- thisenhances the the efficacy of the supplement. Placing a “beamed”supplement in the upper chamber and beaming your supplement bottlefurther increases the bio-activity of those supplements remaining inthe bottle. A fun demonstration of this energy transfer is to "beam"a slice of lemon into a glass of water.

Mostpeople report that they can faintly taste the lemon in the water.Electrodermal screening proves that the energy of the substance istransferred into the food or beverage.

Openthe flow of energy within yourbody by sitting, working, and/or sleeping in the field of theGenerator. Hang it above your work/sleep location or lay it on its'side with the bottom four Beamers aimed toward you. This facilitatesthe balancing of the meridians in your body and the opening of thechakras. This increases the energy available to the body for it'swell-being.

Love-makingis enhanced in the field of theGenerator Beamer as the chakras are opened and the meridian flow ofenergy is improved. Senses can be heightened when energy is flowingthrough open meridians.

Enhanceyour meditations. Balancedmeridians improve the ability to become centered and connected. TheGenerator Beamer facilitates your light body connection. The highresonant field can initiate one into states of consciousness notpreviously attained.

TheGenerator Beamer makes an excellent accousticalenhancer. Place it above thecomponents of your stereo system and hear/feel the difference.

Beamthe water used for spraying and watering plants.Pets may also appreciate "beamed" food and water.

TheGenerator Beamer is an effective broadcast devicefor aromatherapy essences, essential oils, botanicals, supplementsand homeopathic

remedies. Crystals, gemstones, magnets.and especially light canalso be broadcast. Aim the colored beam from a light box onto anyof the top three Beamers

for a greatly enhanced color therapysession.

Becomeinteractivewith the Generator. Everything has consciousness. The Generator has avery high resonant field that can be easily modulated with thoughtforms. Direct your healing thoughts into the Generator foramplification. For example, one may ask the Generatorto focus on a sore knee and there will be an increased flow of energyto that knee. Massage, reiki, reflexology, chiropractic and otherbody treatments can be enhanced while in the field of the GeneratorBeamer. One of the inert gases within the Generator provides a builtin safeguard- it will not transer negative thoughts – it clearsthem. Remember to open your heart.

OvercomeComputerFatigue: Aimthe Generator at your computer chair ( hang it above the chair or layit so that it is pointing toward you). This will offset the positiveions coming from the computer screen. It is these ions that causefatigue. Negative ions from the generator bring back balance,vitalityand mental clarity.

TreatYourself to a Sweep of Your Aura – Highly Recommended

Sweepingrequires a partner. The full process take less than five minutes -you receive a meridian opening and aura balancing. It is a delightfulexperience – as refreshing as attending a spa. The Generator hasseven pyramids arranged with one at the peak, two in the middle andfour in the bottom. The person to be swept can stand in a relaxedposition with arms loosely at their sides This is a three partprocess. Part one: wesuggest the partner stand in frontof the recipient and hold the Generatorfirmly, in whatever way feels comfortable ( please do not hold the wires they are brittle). Thesweep will entail tilting and then raising the generator in a slow, smooth motion all the way from the feet of the person up totheir head, finishing about 1foot above the head. Start by aimingthe Generator at the recipient with the bottom of the Generator approximately 12 inches away from their feet. Ensure that one apexof the middle two pyramids is pointing at their head and the otheris pointing at their feet. As the “sweep” is occurring, the baseof the pyramids will be aimed at the recipient. Once you reach thetop of the sweep, turn the Generator away from the person and returnto the starting position at the feet. Do this several times and thendo the last sweep from above the person’s head to their feet. PartTwo: Repeat this same process of a few“upstrokes” finishing with a downward stroke while standing behind therecipient. Part Three: Rotate the Generator 90 degrees so that the apex’s of the twomiddle pyramids are on a horizontal axis instead of the verticalaxis. Aim the generator at the side of the person. Starting at thefeet, do a zig zag pattern once up through their field, finishingabove their head. Repeat on the other side. Sweepingthe aura in this way can increase the auric field by an amazingfactor of six times it’s original size. Increasing energy to a persons’ auric field generally results inaccelerated detoxification. Sweeping is a wonderful way to clearlower astral entities – they usually cannot withstand this highenergy field. The wires are brittle and easilybreakable, so avoid touching them.


Justas you would monitor the time you spend outside in the sun, it may be initially importantto monitor the time you spend directly in the field of the Generator.Its’ field emanates from the apex and out through the base,spreading out in a lampshade fashion. The closer you are to theGenerator, the stronger the field. The focal point of energy is about12 inches from the bottom four Beamers.Most people are going to have a cleansing response whether they canfeel the field or not. Begin slowly untilyou can comfortably spend a few hours in the field. The normalacclimatization time is from 0 to 7 days. Some will experienceincreased sleep time, with initial fatigue while toxins aredetoxifying from the body. Others may feel centered and vitalizedimmediately. Each person has their own unique response.

Caution:Keep the Generator 18 inches away from wires and electricalappliances. Otherwise it will broadcast theseenergies. The energy field of the Generator Beamer is directional.When placing a Generator on its side or hanging it, always align theapexs’ of the 2ndand 3rd pyramidswith one apex to your head and one to your feet.

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