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麵包汁加強版 - NM Flora

麵包汁加強版 - NM Flora

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麵包汁加強版 - NM Flora 的誕生基於麵包汁。由於加強版有更多酵素及益生菌(每ml有30-50million),接近精華的含量,再配上極細滑的酵素粉,所以比入門版麵包汁更快看到成效,效果更為顯著。與其他KANNE產品一樣,同時含有礦物質、電解質、微量元素、胺基酸和維生素,而且也是無糖的。建議可先試麵包汁,其後再加強效能至NM Flora。 NM Flora 飲用分量較麵包汁少,每箱數量亦較少,方便儲存,所以同樣深受歡迎。





一位58歲的德國男性於2010年4月被確診肝臟與脾臟各長了直徑有5.5 cm及4.5 cm的腫瘤,但於2010年11月以MRI掃描時證實該兩個腫瘤巳經完全消失了,亦即是說他巳經完全康復了!



這是用高濃度口服活乳酸菌來調整及改善血液、口水和尿液中的生化電值(bio electronics values)作為療癒用途的最佳例證!

NmFlora - Your Ally for a Healthy Vitality

Nm Flora is an essential complement to our modern life, If you are Sportsman, Nm Flora will increase your effort endurance , because your body with Nm flora will produce more hematocrit (packed cell volume. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells binds oxygen and transports it into the blood).

If you do not have sufficient physical activity, whether you have controlled or unbalanced dietetic, in all cases Nm Flora is a powerful regulator, and is depolluting your organism. A staunch ally of our intestinal microbiota.

The NmFlora and our intestinal microbiota:

The intestinal microbiota is approximately 100,000 billion bacteria, these have a direct impact on our health and contributing to maintain the healthy intestinal mucosa, resulting in the overall balance of our metabolism
- The microbiota more commonly known as intestinal flora, contains ten to one hundred times more bacteria than the set of cells than contain our body.

The Nm flora has a regulatory effect and depolluting our metabolism and take care of his function and bacterial flora that composes our microbiota. Nm Flora, stimulates renew and give a good health mucus of the intestinal wall that is by nature's natural defense against the aggression of pathogenic bacteria by preventing their passage through in intestinal membrane.

A deterioration of the microbiota may have multiple consequences: For example, disease, intestinal inflammatory, see the installation of chronic diseases, in the same view, links have been found between intestinal bacteria and central nervous system (The vagus nerve). Including the regulation of serotonin levels. If it is not correctly balanced this causes the importantly anxiety disorders.

If the microbiota is not properly balanced, we can see the following symptoms; diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and the regeneration of liver cells.

NM Flora is capable to adjust blood values by probiose effect which enable to induce significantly improvement on metabolism.

Obesity is now a true global epidemic triggered by Junk Food that is often linked to a diet too rich in sugar and fats, and taking too quickly gives the Fast Food. This is not all, our life is now much more sedentary and a lack of physical activity leads to complications metabolisms.

The great forgotten of our modern life "Our small intestine" mishandled with these excess unbalanced foods and this is a Microbiota impoverished, with defenses can no longer expressed .

This is the way to candia albicans which are serious fungal pathogens and Flora or the microbiota can no longer play its role as protector of our metabolism. However, there is a Biological control of this complex equation of metabolic diseases: The NMFLORA is Able to destroy Candida albicans and regulate Flora. The NM FLORA is a powerful partner for the control of this precious balance that is vital to us.

Nm Flora or Acid-base Balance

Nm Flora performance is amazing and multiple because they truly are acting on the balance of our body.

Nm Flora is the simplest product that nature has allowed us to realize because it comes from a single fermentation of several cereals.

It is a nonalcoholic lacto-fermented drink free and lactose made from wheat, rye, oats from certified organic farming without gluten, natural leaven, water and rock salt. The Nm Flora is enjoyed by many people.

The Nm Flora is not pasteurized and contains a high number of live lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria) and bioactive enzymes. It contains many more vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids ideally rendered assimilated by slow fermentation processes that the Nm Flora...


Nm Flora是我們現代生活的必要補充,如果你是運動員,Nm Flora會增加你的耐力,因為你的身體有Nm菌群會產生更多的血細胞比容(壓縮細胞體積。血紅蛋白是紅細胞中的蛋白質結合氧氣和將其運送到血液中)。

如果您沒有足夠的身體活動,無論您是否有控製或不平衡的飲食,在所有情況下,Nm Flora都是一個強大的調節器,並且正在使您的生物體消失。我們腸道微生物群的堅定盟友。


腸道微生物群大約有100,000億個細菌,它們對我們的健康有直接影響,有助於維持健康的腸粘膜,從而導致我們新陳代謝的整體平衡 - 微生物群通常被稱為腸道菌群,其細菌含量比含有我們身體的細菌多10到100倍。

Nm菌群具有調節作用,使我們的新陳代謝消失,並照顧其組成我們的微生物群的功能和細菌菌群。 Nm Flora,刺激更新,並提供良好的腸壁健康粘液,這是通過防止它們通過腸膜,本質上抵禦致病菌侵襲的天然防禦。



NM Flora能夠通過益生效應調節血液值,從而能夠顯著改善新陳代謝。



這是白色念珠菌的途徑,它是嚴重的真菌病原體,而植物群或微生物群不再能發揮其代謝保護作用。然而,這種複雜的代謝疾病方程存在生物控制:NMFLORA能夠破壞白色念珠菌並調節植物區系。 NM FLORA是控制這種對我們至關重要的寶貴平衡的強大合作夥伴。

Nm Flora或酸鹼平衡

Nm Flora的表現非常出色,因為它們真正起到了我們身體的平衡作用。

Nm Flora是大自然允許我們實現的最簡單的產品,因為它來自幾種穀物的單一發酵。

它是一種非酒精乳酸發酵飲料,由小麥,黑麥,燕麥製成,經過認證的有機農業,不含麩質,天然酵母,水和岩鹽。 Nm Flora很多人都很喜歡。

Nm Flora不進行巴氏消毒,含有大量的活乳酸桿菌(乳酸菌)和生物活性酶。它含有更多的維生素,礦物質,微量元素和必需氨基酸,理想地通過Nm Flora的緩慢發酵過程同化